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Question and Answer

Q & A session with the creator of Color Fever

Question: If you were to add any other scoring opportunities to Color Fever, what would you suggest?

Answer: You could add corner scoring. Corners are on Level 1, columns 1 and 10, and Level 5 columns 1 and 10. If you match two corners with the same color, this is worth two points. If you match 3 corners with the same color – 4 points and if you match all 4 corners, this is worth 15 points.

Question: I love this game but sometimes the Special Action tiles come up too early in the game and then they cannot be used efficiently. Is there a way around this? Can we save them for later?

Answer: Here is one suggestion. When I play this game, I separate around 32 generic tiles before the start and after each player selects their 4 tiles ( 4 player game ), then there are around 16 generic tiles left in this pile. Players will select these tiles until they are gone and this way, each player will have 8 tiles on their board before any Special Action tiles appear. I suppose you can vary the rules to save the Special Action tiles for later – but this needs to be agreed upon and the only tiles I would do this with are the Remove Tiles, Bonus Switch tile, and the Free Move tiles. One other suggestion is that you can set aside the two Free Move tiles and the Bonus Switch tile until maybe halfway into the game. Then you can include these three tiles into the pouch or on the table. In this event, enough tiles will have been placed on your boards so one can effectively use these Special Action tiles.

Question: I know the Doubles or Nothing is a one roll decision. If the player rolling the dice possesses this tile and he/she rolls Doubles, can he/she roll again even though it’s not necessary?

Answer: According to the rules, the player gets the benefit of the Doubles and can roll again to play defense.

Question: On the Free Move, can I move a Level One tile to a higher level on the same column, even though this leaves a void on the first Level?

Answer: According to the rules this move is permissible since that open space is the lowest available before any move has been made.

For instance if you have a tile on Level 1, column 5 and a tile on Level 2 column 5, and Level 3 is open, the Level 3 spot at this time would be the lowest available spot in this column and therefore you can move the tile from Level 1 to Level 3.

Question: Several times I have picked the Choice Tile near the end of the game and the color I requested was not present in the remaining tiles. Since there are two colored tiles that are discarded from the Remove Tile, can I use one of those colors for my Choice Tile?

Answer: Yes, the removed tiles are available for use if a Choice Tile/Double Tile is selected near the end of the game and the color requested is not available in the pouch/table.

Question: If I randomly selected the Double Tile and my random colored tile was a Star tile, is this okay?

Answer: Look at the Section "End Game" under rules. On the Choice Tile and Doubles or Nothing, player gets choice of color but not a Star tile. On the Double Tile, player selects a random colored tile – but cannot select a Star tile. Late in the game if the chosen color is available only in a Star tile, then player can receive the Star tile.

Question: I got a Double Rainbow and also had the Double tile as a part of the Double Rainbow. How many points is this worth?

Answer: This is worth 14 total points. One Rainbow is worth 4 points and a Double Rainbow is worth 10 points which means there is a 2 point bonus for the second Rainbow on the same level. Since the Rainbows are separate, a Rainbow with the Double Tile is worth 8 points and the player gets an extra 6 points for the Double Rainbow ( 4 points plus the 2 point bonus ).

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